Born on a Monday, sometime around lunch.

Seconds after the spontaneous relief on Dr Romanov's tired and angry face, Yav Theodor Bonev smiled and his ears snapped in place.

He begins walking on the seventh month, unfortunately the only witnesses to this phenomenon were merely him and a pigeon staring through a window.

His first successfully pronounced word was "mma". He actually meant to say "mama", but the prospect that two vowels can exist in one word, was still unfamiliar to him.

First complicated word - "communism". That will be due to his grandmother's constant cursing at their innocent black and white TV, during yet another frequent and exciting afternoon parliament meeting.

First disappointment - 24th December, Sofia Primary School. Kids hugging planes, cars and Barbie dolls, whilst Yav is holding a cardboard box containing strange
brown pieces of magnet. Years later he realises that his Christmas present was the best out of everyone else's.

First act of rudeness - A slap given to a girl, who's name is unknown.

First pain - A slap delivered to him by a girl, known as Teodora. The reason? Illegal breach of foreign territory (The treehouse in Madara Park)

First exotic fruit - a banana, given to him by his father, during an anti-government rally in the late 80's.

First embarrassing moment - A life drawing lesson of a nude model. His father had forgotten to mention that little extra detail, when taking his son to one of his
sculpture classes.

Anyway...he leaves his homeland at the age of 7 and hasn't stopped traveling the world since then.

At the moment he works as a 3D Artist for an Architectural Rendering studio, based in Auckland.

One day he will direct a feature film.